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Artists With Autism

Promoting Microenterprising, Providing Opportunities,Creating Independence

Promoting Microenterprising, Providing Opportunities,Creating Independence

Promoting Microenterprising, Providing Opportunities,Creating IndependencePromoting Microenterprising, Providing Opportunities,Creating Independence

Our Story

Our Founder


Cynthia Drucker is a native of Florida and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  She enjoys the warm weather of south Florida and spent her high school years in Central Florida where she helped her mother raise horses and many small farm animals. She relocated to Miami in the 1980’s where she married and had two sons.  Cynthia was a full time working mother when her second son, Brandon was born in 1991 and  diagnosed with classic severe autism when he was three years old.  When Brandon turned 18, Cynthia formed a social group for teens with autism out of a need for her son to meet others who accept him and form friendships.  Today, The Fort  Lauderdale Aspergers Group still meets on a monthly basis and continues to grow with Cynthia as the  Organizer.

 As Brandon aged out of the public school system, he applied several times for traditional employment but was never given the opportunity.  Brandon is a self-taught artist who designed a Christmas card at the request of his mother when he was 18. The cards were so well liked, special requests were being made for the upcoming year.   Cynthia focused on Brandon’s artistic abilities as the main idea that would eventually evolve into the business plan for Artists With Autism Inc. The  simple Christmas card idea has grown into a networking group of aspiring artists with autism expanding the globe.  

Our Story


 In May 2012,  Artists With Autism, Inc was Founded as a not for profit with four members ranging in age 16 – 26 based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

    During the first two and half years, the four “founding members” shared a booth or table at local venues such as outdoor farmers’ markets, craft fairs, and church bazaars selling their artwork and learning the basics of building an art business.   As a group, we  exhibited on a monthly basis at local galleries, nature centers, universities, book stores, assorted festivals and sidewalk pop ups. Those first experiences interacting with the public would prepare the artists to learn how to manage and maintain the first retail consignment art gallery ever run and maintained by artists with autism for artists with autism.   On January 16, 2015 The  Artists with Autism Gallery and Gift Boutique opened for business at the Festiva Marketplace in Pompano Beach, Florida.  It is the only gallery of its kind and has helped individuals with special needs gain work experience and learn interaction with customers in a live retail environment. The artists learn basics of math with money exchange, customer relations, professionalism and inventory management.  The artists are assessed for vocational readiness after a standard set of hours has been observed and are measured in areas of accounting, time management, safety, work performance, ability to adapt and other areas of importance needed for self-employment and other vocations. The artists are encouraged and expected to maintain their own micro-enterprise business with a developed Support Team. 


Our Purpose


   The Autism Art Gallery is sponsored by the Festival Marketplace and is run and maintained with 100% volunteer efforts and public donations.  The idea of supported self-employment as a viable alternative for individuals with autism is becoming a very real option for individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities.   By focusing on the abilities of those with autism spectrum, Artists With Autism Inc has managed to create a social venture that is not only providing an income for those individuals who have not been able to gain traditional employment, but is also making an impact in the community by dismissing many of the myths about autism.  The Autism Art Gallery and Gift Boutique provides the platform needed for their art business start-up, and gives that individual the opportunity to engage with the world on a topic they have created and understand. 

     The initiative that Artists with Autism, Inc has created with the Gallery is helping to PROMOTE AND INCREASE THE POTENTIAL of individuals with autism and helping to support the idea that Supported Self-employment is a very viable alternative for paid employment for those with autism.  Through mentoring and family support, we hope to help create a sustainable business in the Arts for talented aspiring artists with autism.

Our mission Statement: 

"Promoting Micro-enterprising,

Providing Opportunities,

Creating Independence"

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