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The Artists with Autism Gallery and Gift Boutique in Fort Lauderdale is the only gallery of its kind. It serves as the location for the Micro-Enterprise in Fort Lauderdale program where postgraduate students are assessed for vocational readiness and are measured in areas of accounting, time management, safety, work performance, ability to adapt and other areas of importance needed for self-employment and vocational jobs.  The Gallery provides aspiring artists with autism the support and training to become self-employed as artists. Our artist entrepreneurs exhibit their artwork in the gallery, and receive the proceeds to reinvest into their business. While “on the job” at the gallery, the artist develops and cultivates their own micro-enterprise art business and learns marketable skills. 

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Inclusion in the Arts

Inclusion In The Arts allows the members to participate in local art exhibits, typically at other galleries and public and private business alongside other artists with and without disabilities. Inclusion for All in the Arts brings social consciousness and awareness to our neurodiverse community and focuses on our abilities and strengths. As a group, the AWA members are offered multiple opportunities to show and exhibit their talents and are often contacted for private commission based on their skills and style. To be recognized for their artistic abilities has increased their  confidence, self-esteem and creativity, enhancing all areas of their lives. Check the calendar for upcoming opportunities as an artist, or as an art supporter. 

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ARTy Party

The ARTy Party is  a fun, social art class designed for all students with special need and is hosted at the location of a local business or organization who serves the special needs population.  This event  provides families the opportunity to become familiar with a valuable community resource and allows social interaction among peers with a common interest. A volunteer artist  provides a simple art instruction or new technique suitable for all skill levels. Volunteer ARTy Party instructors are not required to be professionals, any teacher or creative person is welcome to offer their valuable time. 

 If you are a professional artist or creative soul, and would like to volunteer your valuable time, please contact us. 

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Art in Public Places

Art in public places helps to enrich our communities and form long lasting relationships with our local businesses.  The practice of art in public places allows artists to share their creative expression for public enjoyment and helps to inspire creativity in all. Members of Artists with Autism have enjoyed invitations as a group as well as solo exhibits to display their artwork. Our members have exhibited in Universities, Banks, Dental Offices, Vision offices, Nature Centers, Civic Centers , furniture stores and hotels. 

If you are a business owner and would like have art displayed in your office on a temporary or permanent basis, please contact us. 

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Virtual Gallery

Artists With Autism, Inc and the Autism Art Gallery is located in South Florida. The Virtual Gallery allows us to reach potential distant customers, and offer artists with autism not living in our area the opportunity to show and sell their artwork. Reprints are offered available in assorted sizes, as well as many gift and merchandise items professionally shipped directly to customers. 

If you are an artist with autism and would like to join our Virtual Gallery please contact us. 

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FOPA is a series of FREE workshops for individuals with learning differences to learn how to become self-employed entrepreneurs ages 18 and over.  

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FOPA is made  possible  by a grant received from the funds from Florida Autism License Plate.  AutismLicensePlate.  

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Art Programs for Special Pops


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